Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Journey to Where I am at Today....

I guess I should explain why I have started this blog....We all know about the Gulf of Mexico's Oil spill.  Well, when I found about it for some reason it felt very close to my heart.  I followed and stayed informed with what was going on there everyday. I started to be come friends with different groups around the world that were trying to help spread awareness of the devastation to the ocean, the wildlife, and and our environment as a whole...It truly broke my heart to see beautiful animals dying everyday from the oil leaking into the ocean for days...I cried many tears over it. 
One of the groups I joined was "Hands Across the Sand" was the first event that I participated in that was trying to make a difference for our oceans....Since then I have become friends with ocean & animal lovers around the world. My passion right now is for the Dolphins in Taiji Japan.  The movie "The Cove" has become my passion that being the main reason for my Blog.
I would say about 5 months ago I found out about this small town in Japan called Taiji. 
Eight months out of the year there are a handful of so called "fishermen" who are allowed by the Japaneses Government to go out and drive hunt dolphins for captivity and for their mercury contaminated meat, which they feed to the people of Taiji....Drive hunting is one of the most cruel and inhumane act of men upon this Beautiful, Intelligent, Magnificent animal.
My Goal for 2011 is to go to Taiji at the end of the year and be a Cove Guardian. I want to document these drive hunts and the capture and slaughter of the dolphins. I also want to make a trip to visit Mr. Ishii's Wild Dolphin & Whale Tours, Futo, Japan. This awesome man comes from a family of dolphin hunters and was himself a hunter too. He has now seen the beauty, and intelligence of dolphins....I have big dreams & I know they will become reality...
I want to Help put an End to the Slaughter of the dolphins of Taiji!!!

Hands Across the Sand Cayucos California

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