Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Day for the Dolphins Of Taiji.....

September 1st was the first day of the Taiji, Japan's annual dolphin hunt and slaughter....on that day more then 50 events were planned around the world.  I was lucky enough to be the organizer for the San Francisco peaceful protest in frot of the Japanese Consulate.

About a week before the 1st I had the opportunity to go to my sons school to do a presentation on the Taiji Dolphin's plight.  With the help of my friend I was able to put together a wonderful Power Point presentation.  My son & I made a banner that said "Coarsegold Stands up for the Dolphins of Taiji".  All the kids k-8th signed the banner...
It was absolutely amazing to have the kids tell me how much they loved dolphins and that they could not believe people would kill them for food.  I also had the opportunity to tell some of the kids about captive dolphins, and that they should not go to Marine Parks.  Not go to swim with dolphins programs. Those are the main reasons why they have the hunt and slaughter in Taiji.
My son presented the banner to a consulate member during the protest and my friends daughters presented a petition with more then 5000 signatures asking the Japanese  government to STOP killing dolphins.

It was a great day, I was able to actually put into action my fight for the Dolphins of Taiji and not just be sit at my computer sending e-mails and making phone calls...I felt like I was with my family, apart of something BIG. Close to 100 people showed up to show some love to the Dolphins...I got to meet some of the friends who I have formed unique bonds with over the internet because of our shared passion for the dolphins, as well as so many other animal issues that are close to our hearts. 
As for Taiji? That day no dolphins were killed because of a typhoon. Ric O'barry of Save Japan Dolphins,  and so many other great people had a peaceful prayer ceremony as they stood witness at the infamous Taiji Cove.  It was a good day.