Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Day and a Life of a Captive Dolphin

Yesterday was a sad day once again in Taiji.......
 This was Jiyu a captive dolphin that was held in the Sea Pens at the Dolphins Base in Taiji......

Pic. By Heather Hill w/SJD

Pic. By Heather Hill w/SJD
This beautiful animal once was swimming free in the ocean, then he was ambushed along with his whole pod by a hand full of so called "fisherman" in Taiji.  He was herded in to a Cove where he was hand selected by dolphin trainers who claim they love Dolphins he was to spend a life in Captivity and to entertain people.  He most likely watched his whole family be brutally slaughtered....or he could of been from the Pod that was first taken into The Cove at the beginning of the season and they decided to only keep 1 dolphin and let the rest go. Either way it is still WRONG.

Please watch the following video and you will see how brutal the killings are of these very intelligent, feeling, loving animals.
After  a few weeks of people around the world calling and e-mailing the Dolphins Base asking them to please do something about this Dolphin. It is obvious from the pictures he was totally emaciated.  He was spy hopping all day with his eyes closed,  he was in complete distress.  He was in a pen with several other dolphins and you can see how small the pen is and you can see the other two dolphins jumping togeather, and Jiyu by himself he wanted nothing to do with the other dolphins....completely heartbreaking. 
 Here is a video made by one of the SJD team members...Please watch

As of yesterday it is believed that after the Dolphin trainers decided that Jiyu was not well, not going to make them any money by entertaining people and could not be sold because of his condition, he was killed......
RIP Jiyu....Forever Free Xx

I will say it again and again......PLEASE do NOT by tickets to Sea World, Georgia Aquarium, or any marine animal parks or swim with dolphin programs.....if you do you are directly contributing to this insanity.